Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

Your glucose levels are extremely important to your overall health.  Those who struggle to maintain their blood glucose levels are exposed to all sorts of ways to test their levels, but the easiest way seems to be by using a state-of-the-art oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT).  This test is among the most popularly performed tests on the market.

oral-glucose-tolerance-testTesting is important for those people who are concerned with their health, and especially for those who are diabetic, suffer from acromegaly, have reactive hypoglycemia, deal with an insulin problem, or even wrestle with carbohydrate metabolism disorders.  The oral glucose tolerance test is the most popular because it gives these people freedom to live their lives without being tethered to a machine.

The oral glucose tolerance test works like this: you take a standard dose of glucose by mouth, and then you check your blood sugar levels in two hours.  That’s it.  This method frees your time up and gives you a more accurate reading.  The OGTT option allows you and your caregivers to see clearly just how quickly the glucose is being cleared out of your blood stream.

Oral glucose tolerance tests are especially helpful to women who are pregnant.  The standard dose of glucose in the OGTT is safe for the mother and baby and show accurate results just the same.  It is especially important for women who experienced gestational diabetes during a previous pregnancy.   Interesting, doctors recommend using oral glucose tolerance tests if you are pregnant and previously had a child weighing more than 9 pounds.

So far, modern medicine has had many breakthroughs in diabetes and blood sugar-related disorders, especially in the realm of oral glucose tolerance tests.  There are some which offer the patient a standard dose of glucose through various means of administration.  Some tests also allow the tester to check levels at different intervals; and some even measure more than blood glucose levels.  Still, the oral glucose tolerance test seems to be the all inclusive test that most people prefer to use.

Usually the oral glucose tolerance test with the two hour standard is a standalone product, leaving no need for any other form of testing.  However, some supplementary testing may be necessary for those people who suffer from reactive hypoglycemia or in order to detect resistance to insulin or any deficiencies.   Regardless of your health needs, having an oral glucose tolerance test in your medicinal arsenal is probably a good idea.

Remember that staying on top of your health and blood sugar levels is imperative to a long, happy life.  There is nothing wrong with needing to keep an oral glucose in your purse or glove compartment for quick use; and actually, that is usually recommended by doctors for people who need to use them regularly.   Keep yourself in strong, healthy condition and ensure your longevity with an oral glucose tolerance test and stay on top of your blood sugar levels.  There are many options out there for your convenience, and oral glucose tolerance tests seem to be the easiest.


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